Leeton Show Society Inc.

Show Dates 2016

Friday 7th ~ Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th October

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Show Times News.

We would like to thank all those competitors who made the effort to attend our show.

On a sad note one of our stewards whilst working at the show lost their house due to fire. Thank you to those competitors who donated their prize money to the them.  Leeton Show Society has donated Gift vouchers to a supermarket and a clothing store.



Due to the Rain and ground conditions the following events are cancelled at Leeton Show in 2016

HRAVC, Show Jumping, Team Yarding, Carriage Driving, Dressage and Clydsdales.

Hack events eg; Rings 1 & 2 on Saturday, Stockhorse, Breed, Fun and Local rings on Sunday should go ahead as we are using another part of the Ground which is not used by other users and is quite hard.

With fine weather expected on Thursday, Friday, Saturday we should have a good day.



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Thanks to President Liz Munn

Leeton Show Society Inc.


 Leeton Show Society Office Bearers 2016



 Ms Elizabeth (Liz) Munn

Vice Presidents:

Mr David Fuller

        & Mrs Helen Symes


        Mrs Vanessa Jennings


 Position Vacant

      Assistant Treasurer:

        Publicity Officer:: Vacant

 email:: secretary@leetonshowsociety.org.au

        Public Officer: Mrs Dionee Russell


Chief Stewards

Showgirl Co ordinator:  Ms Melina Mandaglio

Handicrafts: Mrs Helen Symes

Flowers: Mr Chris Senti

Camp Oven Cooking: Mrs Crystal O'Brien

Farm Produce: Mr David Fuller

Poultry: Matt Smith

Prime Lamb: Mr George Stevens

Pet Show: Leeton Veterniary Hospital

Arts & Craft: Mrs Anne-Marie Ingram

Team Yarding:

Ring Events: Mr Bill Allitt

Youth Events ~ Rural Achiever, Farmer's Challenge: Elizabeth Munn


        Show monthly meetings held Leeton Library 3rd Wednesday of the month 7.30pm